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On 13 May (Friday) Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra in Katowice is honoured to invite to an extraordinary concert. It shall be conducted by the most outstanding Polish conductors and composers Stanisław Skrowaczewski.

In Skrowaczewski’s interpretation shall the Katowice audience hear the work of which he is the author i.e. written in 1996 Passacaglia immaginaria and Symphony no. 8 by Anton Bruckner.
The initial version of Bruckner’s monumental work was created in the years 1884-87. Following friends’ advice the composer shortened and amended his Symphony in C minor and this criticism and the necessity to revise the work led the composer to nervous breakdown. As a result the work was established of giant size, with monumental cast with visible, like in all Bruckner symphonies, influence of Bach, Beethoven and above all Wagner. According to the author’s suggestions the work also contains unwritten programme i.e. it touches the problems of human existence, human struggle with hardships and own weaknesses.
The Friday concert shall be conducted by Stanisław Skrowaczewski, awarded for interpretations of the Symphonies of Anton Bruckner with the Gold Medal of Mahler-Bruckner Gesellschaft as well as with the Award in Cannes in the category of ‘the best recording of symphonic music of 18th and 19th century.’

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