Concert series Recitals of the Masters

Recitals of the Masters

A book, a sculpture, a painting or a work of architecture need no mediation. They are in front of us and they speak to us directly. Of all arts only music, born in a composer’s mind, remains latent until somebody else gives it the voice to be heard. To bring to life a still code of a score requires mastery, which has not always received the recognition it deserves. In earlier periods it was often the composer himself who played the piece for the audience, so the two roles were not always clearly separated. In fact, it was not until the 18th century that sentimentalism brought into focus the role of interpreters, who were supposed to be able to read the score not only with their minds but also with their hearts. Later romanticism grew to worship the art of performance, a trend which has continued until today. Indeed it is sometimes the performer who draws audiences more effectively than the music itself...

To be truly experienced, music must be performed with mastery, with this rare combination of real craftsmanship, experience and subtle sensitivity. This is what the NOSPR Recitals of the Masters can promise. A veritable feast for enthusiasts of solo, chamber and vocal recitals. [Marcin Trzęsiok]


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