Concert series Camerata Silesia

Camerata Silesia

The nine concerts of Camerata Silesia are nine journeys through the world of choral music between the 17th and 21st century, extending over the period of nine months marked by annual holidays. In October, when the whole world celebrates the 500th reformation anniversary, vocal compositions with instrumental accompaniment and chamber works composed by the most famous musician among the members of the Lutheran Church – great Johann Sebastian Bach – will be performed. St Cecilia’s Day (22 November), the feast of the patron saint of music, will be commemorated with a programme consisting of works by English baroque composers: Henry Purcell and George Frideric Handel. The concert will be framed by Welcome to All the Pleasures, an early ode by Purcell, and The Profane Anthem to Anne, a composition by Krzysztof Baculewski that follows Purcell’s style. The December programme, pervaded by an atmosphere of the anticipated arrival of the Son of God, expresses itself in the lyrics of Mary’s canticle Magnificat. The austere, pared-down, Medieval-like sound of  Magnificat by Arvo Pärt will be juxtaposed with the majestic Son of God Mass by James Whitbourn, abounding in evocative imagery, and Magnificat 7 Nunc dimittis by Paweł Łukaszewski, emotionally diverse, but just as contemplative. During the Christmas carols evening in January, choral arrangements by Krzysztof Baculewski, Józef Świder and Paweł Łukaszewski will be performed, whereas on Valentine’s Day, there will be an opportunity to listen to Elvis Presley’s hits, such as Love Me Tender or Only You, arranged by Paweł Tomaszewski, where Camerata Silesia will be joined by Myrczek & Tomaszewski Band. During Lent, the ensemble will present a monumental, 70 minutes long St. John Passion by Arvo Pärt, in which the Evangelist’s part is sung by a quartet of soloists. In the Easter period, in turn, Camerata Silesia will be joined by a harpist, Anna Scheller. They will perform compositions by Gustav Holst, Benjamin Britten and Przemysław Scheller. Apart from this, we will hear the harpist in preludes by Marcel Tournier and an etude by Félix Godefroid for solo harp. In May, a special event will take place: a theatrical “collision” between music by Frederic Chopin performed by a pianist Tomasz Orlow and its choral resonance: Camerata Silesia sings Chopin. The programme of the concert held in June, on the summer solstice called Kupala night, when Camerata Silesia will be joined by Myrczek & Tomaszewski Band, will definitely become embedded in everybody’s memory.

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