Concert series Education


This year’s NOSPR education programme focuses on children, parents, teachers, and whole families. It comprises many new components, regular practice, elements of concert skills development, and solo performance.

We make an early start with THE STARTER PAKAGE, activities for new parents with infants. The lullabies and simple tunes practiced during the meetings will make an excellent starter package for mums and dads who wish to sing with their kids at home. Older toddlers will take their FIRST STEPS to the rhythm of music, using simple instruments, Klanza scarves, and other toys.

We offer many opportunities for older children to develop a passion for music and to explore the world of sounds. FROM EAR TO EAR is a series of workshops based on free play; we leave serious music-making to adults. This is a chance for children to meet a musician in person and to get in touch with instruments. An ear for music and a sense of rhythm are being developed on the way.

The orchestra is the very heart of the NOSPR; hence, our education programme offers regular practice of set fragments. During our instrumental workshops, we land ON THE RIGHT STRING using the Suzuki method and try not to lose rhythm during TAM-TAM percussion sessions. It is worth trying hard as the odds are high: the workshop finals include a debut on stage during family weekends at the NOSPR.

ALL TOGETHER, another novelty on the list of workshops, is an original combination of rhythm, movement, and voice activities. It engages the whole potential of young imagination, energy, and creativity, making use of the two most important instruments we have: the body (body percussion) and voice. A debut on stage is a sure thing! We encourage budding talents to join in.

For organised groups (kindergartens and schools), we have prepared EXTRA CLASS, that is, single-visit workshops that end with a guided tour of the NOSPR concert hall. Those who are drawn to the wide world will enjoy our KALEIDOSCOPE, a music journey through the genres, styles, and sounds of remote lands and areas a very short distance away. As in the previous years, during NOSPR Sunday matinees, we run NOON STOP,  a music day-care room for children whose parents attend the concert.

Finally, meetings with the close ones. Family Sundays at the NOSPR – FAMILY GROUP – take the form of crossgenerational workshops combined with performance on stage. There is also a new element and, at the same time, a return to our earlier practice:  educational symphonic concerts recorded for Telewizja Polska.

The NOSPR education programme offers something interesting for the youngest kids, for older children, and for everybody who, irrespective of their age, feels that music brings them childlike joy. A journey to the world of music is always full of adventures!

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