Concert series Silesian String Quartet

Silesian String Quartet

Silesian String Quartet – operating continuously since 1978, the ensemble has a repertoire of over 400 chamber pieces, with around 300 of them originating in the 20th and 21st centuries. The chamber musicians of Silesia have premiered over 100 string quartets by Polish and foreign composers, with a significant number of  works dedicated to them. Their discography comprises over 50 records, many of them honoured with prestigious phonographic awards. The current members of the ensemble are: Szymon Krzeszowiec (violin I), Arkadiusz Kubica (violin II), Łukasz Syrnicki (viola), and Piotr Janosik (cello).

A concerts series by Silesian String Quartet, one of the foremost Polish chamber ensembles.

Chamber music earned special status in the era of Viennese classicism. Among chamber music genres, the string quartet was the one most highly valued. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe once observed that listening to a Mozart quartet had left him with the impression of listening to a lively conversation between four people. Indeed, the string quartet is a “democratic” genre. It is argumentative in nature and appeals to intelligence rather than attends to purely superficial effects.

Since that time, the second half of the 18th century, not much has changed in this respect. Of course, throughout the past 250 years quartets have evolved dynamically in accordance with the rhythm of changes that have affected Western music and culture. Nevertheless, even in times where the tradition of the bourgeois salon has irrevocably disappeared, chamber music genres still express highly personal messages, being at the same time the most sensitive test of compositional mastery.

Each concert will be preceded by a talk introducing the works on the program for the evening.