Concert Hall

Concert Hall

Number of seats: 1800

Number of entrance ways for the audience: 14

Stage area: 312 m2

Height: 28.05 m

Acoustics : Nagata Acoustics


The hall is equipped with facilities for the disabled.


Net price* [PLN]
(service charge not included; from 8 am to 10 pm)


Net price* [PLN]
(for every started hour after 10 pm)

28,000 PLN

1,200 PLN

service charge – depending on the type of event, its duration and the number of staff

rental of the screen with service charge – 1000 PLN (total price)

(8 hours of mounting/ demounting; 4 staff members)


Each offer is prepared individually, depending on the specific needs of the client.


The concert hall and the chamber hall are equipped with facilities for the disabled.


Our clients are free to use our car park, but we cannot guarantee available parking spaces. We also recommend the CADENZA restaurant, located on the premises, which offers a wide range of food and catering services (tel. 515 908 465).


For further rental information, please contact Sales & Box Office, tel. 32 73 25 321, e-mail:


* The price list for basic services is a rough guide. The NOSPR reserves the right to negotiate the final price.


EWA SADKOWSKA concert halls manager
+ 48 32 73 25 321