Pēteris Vasks days

We invite you to a series of concerts devoted to the work of Latvian composer Pēteris Vasks.

“Nowadays, many people do not have their values, they do not believe in love and ideals. The spiritual dimension has been lost. To provide nutrition for the soul - this is the yearning I express in my pieces” – this is how Pēteris Vasks (b. 1946) describes his artistic work. And there is no excess in his words. For there are few composers like him, who treat composition not only as a profession, but as a true vocation, understood as guiding the listener to Good and Beauty. Yet those who expect only an idyllic harmony of spheres are wrong – a real prophet always stands firmly on the Earth’s surface, and this surface has always witnessed the dance of elements. Since the onset of his activity, the Latvian composer has used the musical matter to proclaim both the promise of heaven and the hell of loneliness to be experienced on Earth already. He proclaims the light of faith and the darkness of existential void, and finally the wisdom of Mother Nature and the folly of man, destroying her gifts and thus destroying himself. In his art, Vasks uses a whole range of means which help him carry us safely from one shore to the other or forces us to face the truth, stripping us bare of all delusions. On the one hand, it is deeply contemplative, soothing music minimalistic in terms of sound techniques, and on the other hand full of contrasts, even neoromantic in expression, using extremely dissonant harmonic friction. Vasks’ musical language, as is the case with many European composers, including Penderecki and Górecki, has undergone a transformation from avant garde to, broadly understood, “tradition” (also in the form of references to the folklore and political situation of one’s own country). The Pēteris Vasks Days will provide opportunity not only to listen to his works, to taste this “spiritual nutrition”, but also to meet the composer face to face: the latter will be possible thanks to Vasks’ being a special guest at the Brand New Music festival taking place simultaneously at the Academy of Music in Katowice.

Agnieszka Nowok-Zych


Chamber hall
13 December 2018 | 19:30


Trio AdAstra
Anna Szabelka violin
Łukasz Frant cello
Joanna Galon-Frant piano
Maria Shetty viola

Ticket prices

10 zł