Concerto Köln at the NOSPR!

On 4 December the NOSPR concert hall will host Concerto Köln,  Poznań Chamber Choir and outstanding soloists, who are going to come together under the baton of Jurek Dybał to play one of the masterpieces of the Polish Baroque — Gorczycki’s Completorium.

The 10th Jubilee G.G. Gorczycki International Festival boasts outstanding artists who meet on one scene. This is exactly what is going to happen on 4 December in the NOSPR concert hall in Katowice, where Jurek Dybał — accompanied by excellent soloists: Iwona Sobotka, Piotr Olech, Maciej Gocman and Remigiusz Łukomski — will conduct one of the most renowned ensembles in the world, Concerto Köln, and Poznań Chamber Choir. The artists will present some masterpieces of Baroque music, including Gorczycki’s  Completorium, formally one of the most exquisite compositions of Polish origin. This work reveals to the full the mastery of the Festival’s patron with regard to  polyphonic and homophonic texture. Another composition, Conductus Funebris, is a vocal-instrumental piece, which draws on Sarmatian funeral traditions, so called pompa funebris. The programme combines Gorczycki’s work with the brilliant cantata Jauchzet Gott in allen Landen  by Johann Sebastian Bach. The concert is yet another opportunity offered by the festival to admire the ingenuity of the Polish composer, whose work speaks for itself even if it meets the great Bach. The virtuoso solo part in the Cantata will be performed by Iwona Sobotka, one of the most prominent, world-famous sopranos of our times. Enthusiasts of period performance will be thrilled to admire Concerto Köln, the famous ensemble with over thirty years’ history, which since its beginnings has enjoyed unfailing popularity among music lovers, critics and a large group of followers. Worth noting is the fact that since its founding in 1985, the ensemble has released more than fifty recordings, with repertoire spanning from the Baroque, through classicism, to the early years of the 19th century.


Concert hall
4 December 2015 | 19:30


Jurek Dybał


Concerto Köln
Poznański Chór Kameralny
Iwona Sobotka soprano
Piotr Olech contratenor
Maciej Gocman tenor
Remigiusz Łukomski bass

Ticket prices

40 zł 45 zł 50 zł 60 zł