NOSPR / Lawrence Foster / Plamena Mangova

Concert hall
10 January 2020 | time:19:30
NOSPR / Lawrence Foster / Plamena Mangova


Robert Schumann I Symfonia B-dur „Wiosenna” op. 38

Ferenc LisztI Koncert fortepianowy Es- dur

Robert Schumann II Symfonia C-dur op. 61

Plamena Mangova and Lawrence Foster invite music lovers to a week of Liszt’s piano concertos and Schumann’s symphonies. On two nights, 10 and 16 January, we will have the unique opportunity to trace the development of Schumann’s symphony: from No. 1 “Spring,” through No. 2 and 3, marked by the composer’s fascination with Bach’s polyphony, to No. 4, boldly dashing forward, with all the movements played attacca. Liszt’s piano concertos, in turn, offer an impressive overview of the strongest points of the Hungarian master: from his vivacious piano technique, through his inimitable melodic creativity, to amazing formal ideas in Concerto No. 2, whose six sections bring to mind one of his most remarkable inventions: the symphonic poem.



Plamena Mangova piano

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